Parliament House PNG

Parliament House PNG

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

PNG National Parliament House would be considered the most iconic building in Papua New Guinea, which not only houses the governmental legislature proceedings but also signifies the legislative-power of the people as New Guinea became independent in 1975.

We are very proud to have been involved with national Parliament House, this symbolic piece of architecture, for us is exemplary of the breadth and commitment we hold to understand the value and significant role public architecture can have on the local community.

In understanding the local culture and forging architecture that is entrenched in the socio, local context; Parliament house was designed to reflect traditional architecture of Papua New Guinea and decorated with traditional carvings and artwork to remind us of the rich heritage of the hundreds of tribes that are now joined together as one people and one nation. Commenced in 1980 and completed and inaugurated by Prince Charles in 1984, the PNG National Parliament House is truly a House to be proud of, as it is the home of the principles of democracy of a nation.

Parliament House spurred the inception of PTA PNG and we have had a consistent presence in the country ever since demonstrating our longevity and commitment to Papua New Guinea.

Project Type: Architectural Documentation, Specification, Contract Administration and Project Management Services

Area/Extent: Civic Building

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