Range of Services

Facility Planning / Brief Preparation

This process begins with a meeting to build a comprehensive understanding of any preferences, requirements and goals for your PNG architecture project. From there, we analyse the information we’ve collected and prepare a brief of carefully reasoned conclusions. These conclusions, based on our years of experience with PNG architecture, will lay the foundation for the development of an achievable plan, based on the outcomes you are looking for. Our planning and brief is designed to anticipate growth and allow you to make realistic, productive and cost-effective decisions so your venture is successful now and for the future.

Yield Analysis Studies

Before purchasing a development site, an initial site analysis can prove invaluable. We’ll determine the best use of any property, taking into account your goals and any PNG architecture council regulations and requirements. This yield analysis will detail the best development options, any elements you’re required to include in your development plans, as well as how to get any approvals you’ll need. Depending on what you’re looking for, we can also go into greater detail about the development potential of your chosen site and ensure viability is met with the yield analysis and design options.


At Peddle Thorp, we approach all PNG architecture projects and developments as unique. That means we taking into consideration a site’s surrounding community, history and climate, as well as any immediate contextual considerations. We always consider the long-term impact of your project and look at how to futureproof your development. This consideration for the broader contextual constraints ensures we are able to provide both small and large scale planning of projects. Projects include residential lot subdivision, townhousing, integrated resorts, shopping complexes, educational and health facilities and public spaces.

Design & Documentation

We design with the human experience in mind to increase liveability and functionality of each and every PNG architecture venture. However, we understand these projects also need to prioritise financial viability, so we carefully plan to maximise return on investment and accommodate future growth. Our experienced team of architects are well-versed in the nuances of PNG architecture. They will meet with you to capture your vision for your development and carefully construct the design to meet your individual requirements. Peddle Thorp Architects PNG has a specialist design/documentation team and we also work with specialist consultants as required.

Contract Administration

Our specialist contract administration team will help to keep all aspects of your planning and development in the one place, to ensure that any construction works are successfully executed in accordance with the terms of the contract. We coordinate all scopes of work and plans across all regulatory bodies and stakeholders. We also proactively liaise with contractors to pre-empt any issues that may lead to potential construction delays and impact on a project’s timeline and cost. Let us take responsibility for the project’s tender stage through to the issuance of the certificate of occupancy and take away the headache of managing too many moving parts.

Project Management

With our extensive experience coordinating a wide variety of projects, we are well-equipped to manage any project from inception to completion. We ensure that all related processes run efficiently and have the skills and knowledge to handle every aspect that goes into coordinating a project. We take great care to ensure a smooth development from beginning to end. Our comprehensive services address each developmental stage of any PNG architecture project—from design conception, planning and liaising with all stakeholders and contractors to handling council approvals. We call upon our advantageous affiliate network when required which ensures the highest level of excellence and quality of service.

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